I Offer My Personal Observation Of Her Stellar Performance

The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend Ms. McCauley to whomever may be in the need of an outstanding Real Estate Agent to buy or sell residential property. In my 91 years of life, which included 38 years of active duty in the Navy, and 25 years of Chairman of the La Jolla Alta South Architectural Committee, I have had to consult and observe the performance of numerous professional real estate brokers and agents, the majority of whom were very excellent. None exceeded her, mother and mentor, Debbie McCauley in the essential qualities of her profession: charming personality, physical attractiveness and warm friendliness. It is my judgment that Lauren inherited all those qualities to perfection. My transaction with them went smoothly and quickly, thanks in part to Lauren’s able assistance with the myriad of details and paperwork essential to change ownership of property in compliance with California’s complicated laws. To validate my judgment of her, I offer my personal observation of her stellar performance.